I believe you can’t be in a relationship if you don’t love yourself first, because if you don’t love yourself you can’t love that person your with. There are many types of relationships out there for example- abusive ones, ones where people fight all the time, others where people look at that couple and wonder how they make it so far without fighting. In my opinion every relationship has fights and I also believe if relationships don’t have any arguments or fights I feel like there are a lot of secrets. Mostly today I’d like to talk about abusive relationships.

There are many types of abuse, emotional, mental, verbal, and physical. Nearly 60 percent of all young women have experienced abuse, and I’m not just saying it happens to women it happens to men as well but more so to women. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have suffered from abuse. Abusive relationships are so serious it can lead to that person going into the hospital or even being killed. 

I’m sharing with you all that yesterday I left an abusive relationship it was only for two months but those two months were hell. I suffered all 4 types of abuse the main one was verbal and mental. At first I didn’t think to much of it we had fights and things were said on both ends, but recently it got physical and ill admit I also hit him but only once and I felt so bad for doing it. That’s not who I am that’s not who I want to be and I knew I couldn’t stay no matter how much I loved him because that’s not love you don’t treat the ones you love with any type of abuse. I’m not sure I want to share this or that I should but I watched someone very close be abused for 11 years and they are still in that relationship to this day. I was only 15 years old at the time when it all started to happen and watching it happen and seeing the marks on this person I love and care about bothered me so much I always told myself I would never be with someone that hit me. So when that day came yesterday I knew I had to walk away. I pray my son never turns into someone like that and so help me god if he does I will put him in jail myself. I know I may sound like a bad mom for saying that but no one should ever go through that. I am not raising my son like that so he should never turn out to be like that.

Many victims don’t report it and hide it from their families, fear of not being believed or judged. A lot of the time the victims that don’t report it are the ones that turn up dead sadly to say. So if you know someone that is being abused and scared to tell someone or to leave that relationship in fear they will come looking for them, help that person maybe you might need to make a phone call for them or give them a safe place to stay.

I could go on and on about this topic but I’m going to stop there. So please feel free to share comment like. And of course thank you for reading my post and feel free to follow.




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